The employer of PJSC “SRPA “Impulse” Vitalii Shcherbina effected an ascent of Mountain Kazbek (5033.8 m) within the combined mountain-climber team of Lugansk region.

He dedicated his ascent to the forthcoming Mechanical Engineer’s Day.

From the commentary on the event

Kazbek, in Georgian Mkinvari, a mountain with an ice top. The route was chosen from the side of settlement Stepantsminda, through the Sabertse Pass. The start of the trip upset a bit due to a queue at the Russian border in Verkhnii Lars. We were standing for eight hours. When drove into Georgia – the problems ended. The criminal issue has been solved here as well. You can leave a car with open glasses, and nothing will be stolen.

We spent the night in the glade in the settlement, and the next day joined the stream of climbers to Kazbek. We heard the Polish, Italian, English language. We passed the pass and spent the night at the заночевали at the level of 3000 metres. In the morning, we reached the ice cap, and, having passed it, reached the level of 3800 metres in climbing irons. The base camp is situated here, a weather station – a bit higher. A lot of groups gathered together in the camp. A team from Belarus was especially retained in our memory, this team arranged a pleasant guitar-accompanied evening.

Because of good form, it was decided to go without acclimatization, and the next night we started the storm. Temperature decreased to minus 9 degrees. Frozen snow held climbing irons well. A lot of cracks were formed, we had to go in roped parties. By nine a.m. A. Horianikov, М. Zhilenkov, О. Haivoronskii, А. Stepanov, Ye. Sohrina, V. Shcherbina, А. Prudkii reached the top.

SRPA “Impulse” is a leading Ukrainian designer, manufacturer, and supplier of highly-reliable instrumentation and control systems for nuclear power engineering and railways.