In June 2021, SRPA “Impulse” concluded contract with Siemens Mobility to upgrade a track circuit and automatic cab signalling system for Estonian Railways. This upgrade is a part of a major infrastructure project, which is performed by an international consortium headed by Siemens Mobility by order from Estonian Railways.

Before signing the contract, SRPA “Impulse” underwent a multi-stage check: a conformity assessment by the end user (Estonian Railways), a complex multi-stage audit and Siemens supplier evaluation, as well as an independent external audit of social compliance. High level of work arrangement at the enterprise, an efficient integrated management system, development and manufacturing processes using the most advanced equipment and tools were demonstrated. SRPA “Impulse” is the first and as for now the only Ukrainian company that has passed such a check successfully and takes part in such a large-scale project together with Siemens Mobility.

Microprocessor track circuits manufactured by SRPA “Impulse” are adapted for the “1520 area”. Experience of commercial operation has confirmed their high reliability and good technical characteristics.

SRPA “Impulse” is a leading Ukrainian designer, manufacturer, and supplier of highly-reliable instrumentation and control systems for nuclear power engineering and railways.
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