In December 2019, the interdepartmental acceptance testing of a new DPKr-3 three-car diesel train were successfully completed at the site of PJSC “Kryukov Railway Car Building Works” (Kremenchug).

ПBased on the results of the work of the acceptance commission, the DPKr-3 diesel train is allowed operating on public Ukrainian railways. The technical acceptance commission of the customer (JSC Ukrzaliznytsia) also approved the train and executed a technical acceptance certificate.

In the opinion of the leading specialists in the branch, DPKr-3 is the best diesel train in Ukraine and is not inferior to world analogues.

ПIt is pleasant to mention that PJSC “SRPA “Impulse” also contributed to this achievement of the native mechanical engineering industry, it took on its traditional role of a designer and supplier of one of the most important systems of a diesel train – the safety system SLB-I “ImproTRAIN-250”. For the first time, the up-to-date Ukrainian rolling stock received a completely native new-generation digital safety system, which assures the highest operating safety level and reduces the life-cycle cost due to the deep self-diagnostics and integration into the global diagnostics system of a diesel train. We are grateful to specialists of PJSC “KRCBW” for the fact that they do no compromise over such issues as safety and quality, choose the best of the possible variants.

The interdepartmental acceptance commission recommended PJSC “KRCBW” to manufacture six DPKr-3 trains. As a reliable partner, PJSC “SRPA “Impulse” informed PJSC “KRCBW” of its readiness to continue supplies of the SLB-I ImproTRAIN-250 in the nearest time. We hope sincerely that JSC Ukrzaliznytsia will also notify in the nearest time of its readiness to continue working within this project.

Cooperation of PJSC “SRPA “Impulse” and PJSC “KRCBW” is an excellent example of cooperation of native manufacturers, leaders in their branches resulting in appearance of competitive Ukrainian products capable of representing the country adequately in the world arena. Precisely such successful projects must be developed and supported by the state, especially since the need in renewal of passenger rolling stock in Ukraine is obvious for everybory.

SRPA “Impulse” is a leading Ukrainian designer, manufacturer, and supplier of highly-reliable instrumentation and control systems for nuclear power engineering and railways.
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