Mechanical treatment



    • An EVERISING BS-250 SSV contour band machine
    • A gate shearing press: sheet metal up to 8 mm
    • A Byjet Pro 3015 water jet cutting installation:
    • fanning the plates
    • cutting out the details according to contour (of different configuration)
    • processing any kinds of sheet metal:
      • alloys up to 60 mm
      • aluminium alloys up to 120 mm

Turning work

  • Turning machines: round section material with a diameter up to 280 mm
  • A Nexturn SA-26e automatic turning lathe: round-section material with the diameter up to 20m
  • A Goodway GS-260 turning machining centre
    • As a stick up to 65 mm
    • As a half-finished product up to 600 mm

Punching and bending

    An Amada coordinate turret punch press:
  • punching out, cutting out, fettling according to contour the details and their half-finished products from sheet material with the thickness from 0.5 to 3 mm.
  • Crank presses:
  • punching out, cutting out, bending details with the thickness from 0.5 to 4 mm.
  • Hydraulic presses, an Amada bending press:
  • sheet material with the thickness up to 4 mm.


    Universal milling machines:
  • case-type parts with the overall dimensions 200х400х400 mm
  • milling the windows in items made of sheet material
A VNC-650, DOOSAN DNM 400 milling automatic machine with numerical programmed control, details with overall dimensions 200х5000х600 mm
    An MW0806 engraving miller:
  • flat details 800х700 mm

Grinding, polishing

    Grinding, polishing equipment:
  • processing the case-type details;
  • processing the molds;
  • processing the injection molds;
  • processing the round section details.

Coordinate work

    A coordinate boring machine:
  • making holes with tolerances for diameter, centre-to-centre distance, and coaxiality equal to 0.02 mm.


    A semiautomatic welder, PDG installation, Fronius TPS 4000:
  • black sheet material with the thickness from 0.8 mm to 20 mm
  • aluminium with the thickness from 1.5 mm to 5 mm
  • Spot welding of sheet metal with a Tecna 8209, 8204 semiautomatic welder:
  • Fronius TT 3000 job welding the stainless steels
  • condenser welding with a PS-1K, РКМ-2В welding gun
  • welding the holders and fasteners Ø up to 8 mm.

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