Surface mounting of printed circuit boards
(a small-scale processing line for surface mounting)

The surface mounting is made using the technological line for SMD mounting by ESSEMTEC (Switzerland).
Placing the soldering paste is made using dosing device ESD 1500 DV, which allows placing soldering paste in a dosing way, the digital timer and the pressure control system allow placing the soldering paste properly and quickly.
The SP002 M devices for stencil printing by ESSEMTEC are equipped with a system for micrometric alignment of stencil’s apertures with pads of boards.
A reliable fixer of boards allows applying the soldering paste with high speed and constantly-high quality.


Installation of SMD components

It is made on the semiautomatic machine for the component mounting ESSEMTEC EXPERT-FP/SA with the capacity up to 600-700 components per hour. This equipment allows installing a wide range of components - from a chip 0402 to chips 30х30 mm. The semiautomatic machine works with components being scattered and placed into cassettes. The maximum quantity of the components, which are installed simultaneously, is up to 90 components in the scattered mode and 12 components in the cassette mode.
The small-batch installation of components is made on the automatic machine for the component mounting ESSEMTEC CSM-7000 with the capacity up to 2100 components per hour. The installing automatic machine allows mounting surface-mounting components in a wide range from a chip 0402 to microelectronic circuits with the dimensions 30х30mm. The equipment allows installing components from a different package (bands, cases pallets). It is possible to load up to 100 feeders with an 8mm-wide band into an automatic machine.


Soldering paste reflow

The soldering paste is melt in the SEHO GoReflow 2.3 seven-zone convection melting oven, the oven is prepared for the Pb-free technological process. The KIC Explorer seven-channel device to read heat profiles is used to monitor and adjust the soldering temperature mode.


PCB washing

PCB washing is made on the semiautomatic modular line for printed circuit assemblies washing in ultra-sonic and jet installations using high-performance washing fluids. The washing fluids dilute dirt separated from the surface of the printed circuit assemblies using ultrasound or jet method of cleaning. The printed circuit assemblies are rinsed by means of barbotage in the installations using distilled and deionized water. The installations are equipped with close circuits to filter washing fluids from dirt.


Monitoring of quality of the PCB assembling

The monitoring is made visually using Mantis and machine vision systems. The Mantis system gives a stereoimage with a high resolution, high depth resolution, optimal color rendering and good adjustable illumination.
The HV5000 system (NESCIEN) allows monitoring PCB assembling quality according to a specified program. It performs trouble shooting.

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